Monday, March 17, 2014

Back Here Again After Two Years of Missing in Action

I started this blog way back September of 2011. My intention was to blog about what goes in and out of my mind. To help me remember all the thoughts that crossed my mind as I aimlessly wander in this world. But unfortunately, as you can see, there are two years missing from this blog – 2012 and 2013. Why? What happened? If you have time, then let me fill you in…

After a few months since this blog went online, I decided to transfer it to Wordpress. I won a hosting so I thought maybe I can maximize my winnings by transferring this blog and monetize it. Unfortunately, after awhile, the domain and the hosting expired. So, I just let the blog die a natural death (bad blog momma me!). 

Then 2012 came and it was not a good year for me. It was a devastating year that I went to a semi-depression stage. I rarely go out and I just stay at home and work. I was nowhere to be found in the offline and online blogging community. I was missing in action. Reason? Well, my husband and I broke up for the second time. Though it was devastating, I have found closure after a few months. I went on an “almost” one month vacation away from my family to think and ponder. Thank God, I was able to snap out of it gradually.

2013 was quite a mess. I thought going back to the corporate world will help me move on faster. So I went back to work. After four months of my working stint, I decided to resign. I got lonely because my work is travel related (though I have to talk to a lot of people). I don’t like staying alone in the hotel and missing my kids. Aside from that, my butt got stressed from the travel and in general, I got sick as well. 

After being jobless and lesser to no racket online, I was a few pennies away to becoming penniless for almost 3 to 4 months. I lost my one and only active credit card due to non-payment. All my income went to food, utility bills and school because aside from my kids, I also went back to school. But before 2013 ended, I found a job. Thank God for VSF, I found an awesome job that pays enough to cover our daily needs. Though I have my credit facilities messed up already, I am just thankful that I can now repay them little by little.

Then 2014 came, and my messed up brain kept telling me to open up a new blog to vent out - the kind of venting out when I started way back in 2007 with my very first blog. A space wherein I can just blog and blog all I want. I can’t do it anymore in my monetized blog. I felt that my thoughts are no longer appropriate there. Most of my monetized blog are professionally made descent. Hahaha… I felt that blogging about my own personal life doesn’t fit there. 

I decided to make a new blog at and buy a domain but after searching for an appropriate domain, I found myself tinkering back here again. I felt that this blog really is meant to be for this purpose. Luckily when I searched for its old domain, it was available. I got it immediately via Godaddy Coupon Code IAP199 to get a COM domain for $1.99 plus ICANN fees. After a few minutes of setting up, now we are back live and I am filling you in with what happened in the past two years!

So, how about you guys? What happened in the past two years? Did you get a new blog too?


  1. Well, my 2 years was quiet rocky too mommy. I can feel you, Actually me and my husband broke up too but 3 years that is. Well, the good thing is I have video blog and article blogs so that's keeping me busy. I struggle at those times too but after that stormy situation, I can say now that I am enlighten and I thanked the man above for not leaving me in my darkest position. And letting me see the most miraculous one, our children. We can do it mommy... Thanks for sharing your life to us too.. =)

  2. Welcome back to blogging Mommy Ruby. It was almost two years ago when I met you in person. I am very privilege to meet you and am thankful for helping me when I have problems with my blogs. You are simply amazing :-)

  3. Were on the same same. My first ever blogging experience was in 2009 and return to blogging in 2011. That's where I met you. Sis Ruby. :)

  4. I miss blogging this way-- just expressing our thoughts freely without having to think of a keyword! :) hahaha! Thanks for sharing, Mommy. I have seen how God has provided and have taken good care of you and your family in the last two years. Although we are far from each other, It feels so great to be a part of your story in a way. Keep blogging, mommy.. I enjoyed this post. Oh you asked me if I have had a new blog in the last two years? hmmm I think I have not added a new one-- in fact three of them died! haha! :p

  5. When you ask about what happened in 2 years, I just stared at my laptop and don't know where to start. It's been quite a roller coaster like you too. One time I'm up then another I'm feeling down. But thank God that I've been out of an 8-yr not-worth-keeping-relationship and now we are back on track! Congrats on your newly resurrected blog Mommy! As for me, no buying of domains yet. I have been struggling with blog updates. IKR, hahaha!


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