Friday, October 7, 2011

Moved Away

For the past two days, I got involved in a Facebook group discussion about blogging and giveaway postings. As for me, I believe that participating in such discussion is a healthy way of imparting knowledge and learning as well. But after a few exchanges, what I thought was a healthy discussion turned a little soar because of some sarcastic remarks. And because of that, I decided to stop commenting and move away.

Not that I was wrong and they were right (vice versa) but because there were too much negativism already. The aura of the discussion turned to an avenue of mockery. My mom once told me, “daghan estorya, daghan sayop (too much talk, too many mistake).” So if you continue a discussion that is becoming unhealthy, you might say something that you might regret because you have said it out of hate or ego.

So for short, my two days dragged me to the pits! Because whenever I am surrounded with negative energies, I can’t help it but feel physically down. I felt tired and always want to sleep. Therefore for two days, I was in front of the computer, working yes but physically drained to bits. I felt that I was not being a Productive Pinoy.

Anyway, the question is... shall I continue participating with such discussions in the near future? Well, all I can say for now is yes… as long as I am talking to people who are open-minded willing to take in and out without being cynical. But not all days are the same, I might evolved to someone who throws stone instead of bread. LOL!!


  1. Yeah sis me too ayw ko ng negativity! hihihi kaka depress. manood k nga lang news naaapektuhan k n...ung p kayang mga live negativity LOL
    nweis buti nga may open minded p dn haha! hays good thing we have a group talaga. :)

  2. I always try to avoid na makipag away through online kasi wala naman akong mapapala...even sometimes galit na galit na ako pero kailangan i relax ang temper and just foget what had happened hehe..

  3. I know 8) Some people will never understand that you're just trying to help them. I agree with Mommy Jes 8)

  4. i must agree, sometimes it drains the enthusiasm from everyone else if there is someone in the group that harbors only too glad our group is none of such + that we can go on + on about certain topics without dwelling much on the positive + doing away with sarcasm + banters..kudos PMC :)

  5. dami ng negative energy sa mundo.... kaya ako nag decide ng lumayo... sasakit lang ulo ko hindi worth it ang energy :)

  6. it's hard to explain to people who doesn't want to listen no matter how good the intention is. nagbibingi-bingihan in other words, so let them be na lang, sayang ang energy.

  7. Yes, I believe you should. Good opinions are meant to be shared and also to help the newbies who are close to our hearts. Of course, we don't want them get victimized by people who take advantage for a simple reason that they are newbies.

    Just my thoughts.

  8. We need you Mommy Rubz. Hearing out advices and criticism from other people are good. You mean well and just trying to help, if they take it negatively, eh di forget about it. At least you did your part.

  9. You made the right decision Mommy Rubz. Like what you said, it wasn't healthy to discuss with them further at all. Everybody has his/her opinion but if it leads to a heated argument then, it's better to just leave. I'm sure you're better off the discussion.

    Been here Mommy Rubz!


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