Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finally, She is Asleep!

My youngest daughter, who will be celebrating her second birthday tomorrow, is now finally asleep. She doesn't sleep unless you lie down beside her. You can't also force her to sleep. So, I just wait on her que if she is sleepy. She would just call on me saying: "Mommy, love love. Lie down na." And when she says that, I am no longer allowed to work. She will cry hard if you try to get up. LOL!!

Anyway, now that she is asleep, I am already tired. I have lots of work to do but my body is no longer willing. I would probably sleep in the next few minutes or hours. I don't know. Let's just see...

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  1. awwww, take time to bond marz. ganyan din minsan justine ko. birahon intawn ko pahawa sa lingkuranan.

    Happy 2nd Birthday Bella


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