Friday, September 23, 2011

Expired Tasks

I am a little sad right now. My assignments got expired. Around 30 tasks which is about $150 worth of money gone to waste. In Tagalog, they would say "Pera na sana, naging bato pa! (It's money already and now it turned to stone.)"

Oh well, I know it was a big waste but sometimes I couldn't blame myself and my busyness lately. Being a breadwinner is no easy business and on top of that, I am the mom who needs to constantly take care of what my children needs at school. Aside from that, I have to deal with domestic problems. It is not easy to live with your own family together with your parents and siblings. Chaos I tell you!!

Anyway, I am just hoping for better times ahead especially today that I need to smile because its my Bella's second birthday. I wonder what surprises life has in-stored for us today. Crossing fingers for a birthday cake and a spaghetti later tonight!! Let's just wait and see!!

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  1. Happy birthday to Bella! Next time.. gimme some of your assignments! LoL. Not all, not too many, but a few at a time. :D


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